RD Electronics


Strategy development Photo and video production Copywriting Setting up and maintaining Meta Ads campaigns

Content development for social media and maintaining Meta Ads campaigns



To develop content for Meta platforms - Facebook and Instagram, and use this content in targeted advertisements of the aforementioned platforms.



As part of the project, a content strategy for social media platforms was developed, based on which original and engaging social media content was created. During the content development, current events and situational marketing opportunities were used, adapting this content to the client's promotions and existing campaigns. The photo and video content was developed based on the most popular social media content formats of the time, the most used Reel soundtracks, as well as the overall style of the RD Electronics brand. This strategy garnered high engagement results among the selected target audiences. The project also included setting up and managing advertising campaigns on Meta platforms, where, based on the client's request, the focus was on engagement rates and the number of clicks on product links.

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