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Market research Development of an awareness campaign Development of a concept and a content strategy Copywriting Development of video advertisements and visual content Digital marketing

Development of an awareness campaign for the introduction of a new product in the Belgian and Austrian markets



To develop a brand awareness campaign for the Belgian and Austrian markets in time for the launch of the vegan product F'sh Peas (at the time of campaigns - Fish Peas) in supermarket chains.



Before developing the campaign, an analysis of European markets, competitors, as well as the main segments of the target audience was carried out. As part of the campaigns, a content strategy was developed, based on which series of content were developed - video pre-roll advertisements, graphic and motion design banners. Different content was developed for each market, focusing on different products of the F'sh Peas line. Retargeting tools, contextual search engine ads, display and in-video ads, targeted ads on Meta platforms were also used in the campaigns.

In total, both campaigns reached 4.164 million impressions, the total audience engagement reached 15%, while the in-video ads were watched to the end by 42% of the reached audiences.

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