Naming and concept development Development and maintenance of Google Ads campaigns Video production Web development

Development and promotion of an internationally recognizable brand



To develop an internationally recognizable brand, ensure a constant influx of customers by maintaining brand awareness campaigns.



The exhibition centre ATTA CENTRE was designed as the largest conference centre in the Baltics. During the development of the project, the naming and the creation of a unified concept were provided. Since the opening of the exhibition centre, digital marketing services have been provided – mainly the development and maintenance of Google Ads campaigns. To additionally evaluate the activity of the campaigns, a separate landing site was created, with the help of which audience conversion can be observed. Since the launch of the project in 2020, 10.4 million impressions have been garnered with the help of digital campaigns, the audience engagement rates of which reach 10% or 1 million people. For campaigns that are not focused on specific offers instead of general brand awareness, engagement rates regularly reach 5%. Also, as part of the ongoing support, in-video advertisements have been developed and launched, with 55% of the audiences watching them in entirety.

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